The long story about The Personal Business Plan and the founders behind the system


When the founders of The Personal Business Plan, Mette and Stephen Bruyant-Langer, met in 1981, it was clear already at their first meeting that they shared a common life dream.  An ambitious life dream.  The dream of each building his/her own career and at the same time creating a large family.  And together, they wanted to move around and travel the world.  Also, they both had the courage to carry out their life ambition.  They wanted ‘both-and’, not ‘either-or’.  They knew that already then.

Springing from different environments, but with similar values of providing before enjoying, and both having grown up in several European countries, their foundation was laid for an industrious and ambitious life – always with an ardor and curiosity to seek new trends, no fear whatsoever of challenging themselves, and the capacity to think new thoughts.  Otherwise, one will not achieve one’s life ambition.  Their life ambition – which for the founders was a natural life as a large family with young children, two equally strong careers, and endless energy to learn and challenge each other – turned out later to form the basis for the development of the concept, The Personal Business Plan (PBP).  PBP is a system to work as ambitiously and professionally with one’s own personal life as one does with one’s work life.  Many top executives have worked their way through the system since 1996 and have emerged at the other end with a personal life plan as a result.  An actionable life plan which provides peace of mind, self-respect, and control.

Too many coaches pose a lot of questions. The Personal Business Plan gives you answers. Answers about where to go with your life.  With PBP you will succeed in going, where you thought you could never get to.  We know you can do it better and with more joy and satisfaction than you think.

Success is the sum of your choices throughout life.  Choices, you are able to make when you know your ‘Life Ambition’.  One of the building blocks in working with your life ambition is to see life as one complete whole.  One’s personal life and one’s professional life are closely connected and never separate.  The better you are at one, the better you are at the other.

With PBP, as a life ambitious individual, you have the opportunity to be challenged.  To be pushed a bit further than you like intuitively, perhaps.  But it works.  Mette and Stephen see it clearly in the way they have empowered their children and network throughout life.  Today, they are happy and grateful for that.  It has created results in their lives – in their professional lives as well as in their personal lives.  Given them want for more.  Given them hunger for life.  They have committed themselves to wanting more.  The many years of experience raising children, learning, downs, ups, and many hours of hard work in their career jobs as well as in their family life, are what the founders have brought into the development of The Personal Business Plan.

Too many people are reluctant to live out their dreams and ambitions.  It takes courage to dare.  Saying one’s dreams and ambitions aloud require commitment.  Writing them down in a plan requires even greater commitment.  And it takes courage.  For the founders, courage, and commitment have always been two inseparable and fundamental values on their journey through life, values they have returned to again and again.  They demonstrated courage by moving in together shortly after having met, opening a joint bank account, and having their first child.  Commitment was a common feeling of being true to their life dream.  Strong values, which have not always been easy to unite, but which have created an identity and made them shine.  Our choices are our own, is the belief of the founders, who consciously and positively overestimate other people. They always believe that people can do and know how.  And people do know how when they have been through The Personal Business Plan.

The Personal Business Plan has proven to be a system that works.  The many fulfilled life dreams of those who have completed a PBP program are genuine proof of this.  Actually, the Personal Business Plan is more than a system and much more than a plan; it is a philosophy, which changes your life.  The founders’ lives are proof of this.  The philosophy has changed their own lives and their children’s lives.  And it doesn’t stop here.  The philosophy and thinking behind PBP create a desire for the future and an appetite for life. It is impossible not to insist on reaching one’s life dream, one’s life ambition.  This ambition does not age; rather, it continues as long as the spark, the desire, and the courage remain.  And the courage prevails for the two life ambitious founders of The Personal Business Plan.