The story behind The Personal Business Plan

A business plan is a well-known concept in business.  An ambitious plan has many qualities.  It is precise, it is complete, and it is specific.  It relates to the short run as well as to the long run.  First and foremost, it can be executed.

Stephen Bruyant-Langer wrote his own Personal Business Plan in 1996.  He was CMO with The Coca-Cola Company when one day, two men in black suits flew in from Atlanta to let him know, “We’re sorry to inform you that you’re no longer with the Company. It’s not personal.”  Finding himself out of a job with a wife and 4 young children and all obligations that go with it, he needed to change direction in life.  So, what did he do? He applied his marketing skills, looked at himself as a product, analyzed his capabilities, his values and dreams in life – and he made a plan.

Stephen changed paths and went on to become a successful headhunter and executive coach.

His new start was in a business psychology boutique, where he gained a professional understanding of human behavior.  Mette, his lawyer wife, still believes this up-leveling of empathy is the best thing to happen in their marriage!  Later, Stephen went on to major executive search companies.  In over 20 years he has interviewed and coached thousands of people.  Most of them, people who do well in life.  He stems from the blue-chip world of Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, and Korn Ferry.  He knows what good looks like.

Consistently, Stephen has applied and perfected his Personal Business Plan system and taken his coaching clients to new heights.

In 2012, Stephen wrote his first book about aligning career and life, Your Next Career – A headhunter’s guide to lifelong success (in Danish).

In 2013, Stephen documented his unique coaching system in his book The Personal Business Plan – A blueprint for running your life (Wiley).

In 2014, Mette and Stephen dedicated themselves full time to making The Personal Business Plan accessible for everyone.

In 2017, they launched the PBP Toolkit online.

They have transformed The Personal Business Plan system into a platform of 40 online exercises, a user-friendly, cost-effective alternative to Stephen’s personal coaching sessions.  They have created the ultimate personal coach, at your disposal 24/7, for you to complete at the time and speed that suits you specifically.



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