Stephen Bruyant-Langer offers these Keynote Speeches

1. The Personal Business Plan – A Blueprint for Running Your Life
A keynote about finding your life ambition, reinventing yourself, remaining learning agile and maintaining your courage to commit.

2. The Personal Business Plan for Leadership Teams – Find Your Mutual Direction
A keynote about thinking leadership in a future perspective and not settling for more of the same. To Eternity and Beyond!

3. The DNA of Executive Leadership
A keynote about the secret behind success – get the explanation why some people succeed and others fail.

4. The Headhunter’s Big Book of Tricks
A keynote about the secret world of headhunting – join behind the scenes and experience an insider’s view.

Get in touch, if you’re interested. We’d love to contribute to your event with an unforgettable experience.

Career and Job Advice from Stephen

1. The Good Job Interview

2. Your First 100 Days as a Leader