Meet the mind behind the recipe for success

Stephen is the father of The Personal Business Plan.  Since developing his own Personal Business Plan in 1996, he has successfully transformed thousands of lives through his unique coaching system.  He has over 30 years of experience in global marketing with L’Oréal and Coca-Cola and in headhunting with Korn Ferry.  He is an economist, author of successful leadership books, associate professor at Copenhagen Business School, keynote speaker, and avid contributor to business columns.

What our Executive Coaching clients say

Portrait of Britt Meelby Jensen - The Personal Business Plan client

Britt Meelby Jensen

CEO, Atos Medical AB
I am much clearer about my priorities and “mission” in life, which makes me more comfortable in making choices.  I think many senior executives could benefit from The Personal Business Plan.
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Portrait of Hui Wang Christiansen - The Personal Business Plan client

Hui Wang Christiansen

Value Realization Manager, Technology Finance, A.P. Moller - Maersk
I met Stephen at a turning point in my life.  I had performed outstandingly at work, was half way through my executive MBA, and in search of a major up-leveling of my career.
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Portrait of Majken Schultz - The Personal Business Plan client

Majken Schultz

Professor, Copenhagen Business School & Board member, Carlsberg, Danish Crown, Realdania
Stephen has been a very inspiring coach in helping me set aspirations for my next level of accomplishments – in my own research as well as in my various leadership roles.
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Portrait of Charlotte Wordenskjold Norregaard-Ettle - The Personal Business Plan client

Charlotte Wordenskjold Nørregaard-Ettle

CFO Asia Pacific, Windmoeller & Hoelscher Asia Pacific Co. Ltd.
Stephen was my coach and dedicated mentor for 12 months when I happened to be ‘in-between corporate roles’ in Bangkok.  PBP is a fascinating journey, bringing self-insight for better and for worse.
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Portrait of Jacob Ellehauge Sode - The Personal Business Plan client

Jakob Ellehauge Sode

Financial Advisor & Business Angel
The Personal Business Plan reduced my general uncertainty by eliminating the friction between the way I see my story and the way others see it.
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Portrait of CEO Anders Rahr - The Personal Business Plan client

Anders Rahr

Senior Vice President, IC Group A/S
The combination of coaching sessions, the book, and continuously documenting my personal progress in the online Toolkit ensured that my reflections became fully internalized.
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Portrait of Luise Faurschou - The Personal Business Plan client

Luise Faurschou

CEO & Founder, Faurschou Art Resources & ART 2030
The Personal Business Plan is an immensely efficient tool – for clarifying potentials and priorities as well as for determining your future path.
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Portrait of Jens Almdal - The Personal Business Plan client

Jens Almdal

VP District Energy Network Stations, Danfoss A/S
The Personal Business Plan is the best thing I have done to develop myself and plan my life in a fast-moving world!
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Portrait of director Alexander Reinhold - The Personal Business Plan client

Alexander Reinhold

Director Consumer Business, Deloitte Munich
His 10-step system, supported by the effective online Toolkit, helped turn my introspective reflections into a coherent and concise long-term plan.
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Portrait of CEO Hjalte Kjems - The Personal Business Plan client

Hjalte Kjems

Owner, HK Entreprise A/S
I run a successful construction company.  Since I started working with Stephen, my personal life, as well as my professional life, have improved in ways I did not imagine before.
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Portrait of Lise Agerley - The Personal Business Plan client

Lise Agerley

Owner, Agerley Public Relations
When you have a busy day, you often forget to stop and notice what makes you happy. Stephen has helped me clarify what matters in my life.
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Portrait of Flemming Borreskov - The Personal Business Plan client

Flemming Borreskov

President and Founder Catalytic Society, ex-CEO Realdania
Completing “My Personal Business Plan” 5 years ago developed into a great and inspiring journey.  Stephen Bruyant-Langer was an excellent coach throughout the process.
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Portrait of Joachim Rubow - The Personal Business Plan client

Joachim Rubow

SVP Group Communications, Marketing, CSR and Claims Prevention, Tryg Insurance
Based on title only, The Personal Business Plan might sound like yet another unleash-your-unrealized-potential book.  It isn’t.  My meeting with Stephen’s thinking forced me to review my accomplishments as well as my motivators in a different light.
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Portrait of Morten Felding - The Personal Business Plan client

Morten Felding

CEO, Atea A/S
The coaching process has given me great insight into myself.  I believe I have become a stronger and sharper leader and person with the insight I now have.
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Portrait of Niels Henriksen - The Personal Business Plan client

Niels Henriksen

Chief Consultant, Pluss Leadership
If you dare to challenge your beliefs about your professional life, the Personal Business Plan (PBP) has by far the best mindset and methods I’ve tried.
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Portrait of Niels Moller Nielsen - The Personal Business Plan client

Niels Moller Nielsen

Head of General Managers, Central & Eastern Europe, WS Audiology A/S
One of Stephen’s greatest strengths is his communication skills.  I have been part of many different audiences, where Stephen has been a keynote speaker.
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Portrait of Peter Englev - The Personal Business Plan client

Peter Englev

Head of Industrial Equipment & Transport, SG Finans - a Société Générale company
Initially, the topics and questions seem obvious, but as you go deeper into this tool you realize that it is tough work and that the questions require honest answers.
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Portrait of Susanne Arnfred - The Personal Business Plan client

Susanne Arnfred

Vice Dean, Deloitte University EMEA
Stephen delivered an excellent session for a group of our senior partners.  His many years of experience gives him great credibility and shines through in his presence
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Portrait of Torben Janholt - The Personal Business Plan client

Torben Janholt

President and Founder Just Water, ex-CEO J. Lauritzen A/S
When I finally retired, I was at ease with myself, prepared for my new life in so many ways.
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How does the PBP Executive Coaching program work?

We are all alike.  We share the same thoughts, doubts, and fears.  So why not take a shortcut to the top?  Learn from the best.  Emulate success.  Prepare your future by being as strategic about your own life as you are about your work.

Our executive coaching programs are freedom put into a system.

Tailored to you individually

All our executive coaching programs are tailored to you individually.  Your needs and expectations always set the basis for our coaching.  That said, you will find our executive coaching to be quite directive.  We tell you what we see, we advise you specifically what to do – in other words, we do not hold back on our opinions.

In a full program, you will complete 10 carefully planned 2-hour coaching sessions with your PBP Coach over a period of 6-12 months.  In between the coaching, sessions you will read the corresponding book chapters and work in the Toolkit, documenting your reflections and conclusions.  You will also interact with your PBP Coach about any specific issues you may have along the way, such as a CV or a board presentation.

If you need something other than a full program, we will design it to suit your individual requirements.

Learning Philosophy

The learning philosophy behind The Personal Business Plan implies that you alternate between:

  • Completing 40 exercises in your 10 one-2-one sessions with your executive PBP coach – using your auditive and visual learning styles.
  • Reading 10 chapters in the PBP Book – using your logical and sequential learning styles.
  • Reflecting upon your findings and documenting them in the Toolkit – using your creative and deductive learning styles.

A renowned business psychologist once described this system as the ideal pedagogical process.  It successively refines and synthesizes your ideas and turns them into action.

Output – Your personal plan as an ebook

Your specific output is your Personal Business Plan in the form of an ebook – spanning 50-100 pages or more.  Here you will find all the answers to the questions you have been wrestling with for years.  Its final pages are a specific timeline, ready for you to execute.

This all sounds extremely structured.  And it is!  But within this solid framework, we are at complete liberty to prioritize and address your most important and imminent issues. For example,

  • If you’re looking for a job, we will twist the system into a high-quality outplacement program (cover letter, CV, headhunter contacts, network, interview training).
  • If you’re looking for a promotion, we will transform the system into an ambitious career planner.
  • If you’re looking for personal development, we will use the system from an existential angle.

No matter what, The Personal Business Plan always focuses on your individual success criteria and delivers upon them.  We provide you with a shortcut to the top.

Our Both/And approach

Our learning philosophy ensures that we always use a “Both/And” approach:

  • Both flexible and structured
  • Both soft and tough
  • Both ideas and action
  • Both plan and execution.

Our experience from thousands of clients, thousands of interviews, and thousands of executive coaching sessions are at your service.  We will not let you down!

Our Certified
 PBP Partners

Our PBP Partners deliver Executive Coaching based on The Personal Business Plan concept and methodology. They are all certified by Stephen Bruyant-Langer personally. We are proud to work with these excellent professionals.

Portrait of executive coach Melinda Weston - The Personal Business Plan partner

Melinda Weston

Melbourne, Australia
Melinda is our PBP partner in Australia.  She runs her own consultancy business in career coaching and outplacement, creating clarity and direction for her clients.
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Portrait of executive coach Rajeev Bhadauria - The Personal Business Plan partner

Rajeev Bhadauria

New Delhi, India
Rajeev Bhadauria is our PBP Partner in India. He runs his own consultancy business in New Delhi after 30+ years as an HR executive. Rajeev works in English, Hindi, and Urdu.
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Portrait of executive coach Rune Sorensen - The Personal Business Plan partner

Rune Sorensen

Aarhus, Denmark
Rune works as Partner in an Executive Search company as headhunter and executive advisor for top executives and board members.
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Portrait of executive coach Olivier Courtois - The Personal Business Plan partner

Olivier S.E. Courtois

Brussels, Paris, London, Dubai
Olivier is a CEO Advisor, author, speaker, and executive coach for executives and top teams.  He has global leadership experience on five continents and works in five languages.
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Portrait of executive coach Ulrik Langermann - The Personal Business Plan partner

Ulrik Langermann

Copenhagen, Denmark
Ulrik builds organizational and leadership strength in local and global companies in his consultancy company Valesco (‘Grow Stronger’).
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Portrait of executive coach Lena Beck Roervig - The Personal Business Plan partner

Lena Beck Roervig

New York City, USA
Cannes, France
Copenhagen, Denmark
Lena runs her own consultancy company, based in New York, Cannes, and Copenhagen.  She works with executives across industries worldwide.
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Portrait of executive coach Mikkel Gradert - The Personal Business Plan partner

Mikkel Gradert

Copenhagen, Denmark
Mikkel runs his own performance coaching company in Copenhagen, focusing on individual performance coaching and organizational changes.
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Portrait of executive coach Kurt Mikkelsen - The Personal Business Plan partner

Kurt Mikkelsen

Hobro, Denmark
Oslo, Norway
Kurt is an economist, businessman, and ICF-certified coach. He has life-long experience in making his employees and clients reach their highest potential, especially in demanding times.
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Portrait of executive coach Ulrikke Olufsen - The Personal Business Plan partner

Ulrikke Olufsen

Copenhagen, Denmark
Ulrikke runs her own HR consultancy company and works freelance in global organizations.  She has a strong HR background in pharma.
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Portrait of executive coach Thit Aaris-Hoeg - The Personal Business Plan partner

Thit Aaris-Hoeg

Copenhagen, Denmark
London, UK
Thit is CEO of a private Danish foundation working with social responsibility.  At the same time, she runs her own coaching company.
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? For the well-educated graduate who wants help choosing the right career
Toolkit Do-It-Yourself 10 - 15 hours
? For the ambitious manager who wants to steer his/her career in the right direction
Career Guidance 4 - 6 weeks
Most popular
? For the mature leader who wants to become a top executive
Career Accelerator 1 - 3 months
Top Executive
? For the successful executive who wants existential clarity in life
Full Program 6 -12 months
Online Toolkit
? Lifetime access to 40 interactive exercises for you to create your own Personal Business Plan
Personal eBook
? Your completed Personal Business Plan as an eBook
PBP Book
? Stephens Bruyant-Langer's book "The Personal Business Plan - A blueprint for running your life" (Wiley 2013)
Executive Coaching 1-2-1
? Private customized coaching sessions between you and your PBP executive coach
1 session x 2 hrs
3 sessions x 2 hrs
10 sessions x 2 hrs
Appraisal of your plan
? Complete review and verbal feedback on your completed Personal Business Plan
? Free calls to your PBP executive coach
Career Service
? Help on your CV, LinkedIn profile, executive presence, career plan, and other job-related matters
Trusted Advisor
? Sparring on all matters in your professional and personal life
Concierge Service
? Recommendations for culture, leisure, and network
LinkedIn Community
? Membership of the exclusive LinkedIn group "The Personal Business Planners"

Career and Leadership Advice

With his background in blue-chip marketing and headhunting, Stephen knows a lot about the demands and opportunities in professional work life. Here is his advice on how to apply for a leadership job and how to get off in the best way, once you have the position.

1. The Good Job Interview

2. Your First 100 Days as a Leader


Stephen meets
John Travolta

In this conversation with Stephen Bruyant-Langer, John Travolta shares how he has reinvented himself several times, professionally as well as personally.



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