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The Personal Business Plan four-leaf-clover
With The Personal Business Plan, you will

    – Analyze your past and present
    – Grasp your personality
    – Set your goals
    – Plan and execute

Together, we will edit your past, curate your present, and design your future.

We will align your career and personal life, secure your strengths, and make you fully prepared to implement personal and professional changes.

Your output is an eBook, 50-100 pages long or more, containing

  • Your life and career overview and
  • A plan for your future, ready for execution.

Learn to think like a top executive

What the Toolkit can give you.


What will you get when you subscribe to the Toolkit?

Step-by-step, follow the structured process carefully, apply a consistent effort, and arrive at the result:


  • A defined and actionable life and career plan in the form of an eBook, 50-100 pages or more
  • With all your insights and conclusions documented
  • Ready for you to implement

By subscribing to The Personal Business Plan you will get access to


  • 40 Interactive exercises
  • 10 Sessions
  • 4 Phases
  • 1 Plan (as an ebook)
  • Complete confidentiality
  • A multitude of tools, techniques, templates, videos, cases, and examples
  • Highly structured approach
  • Easily accessible from any device. Add to your home screen as an App.
  • To be completed in any language of your choice.  Toolkit texts are in English.

What our Toolkit users say

Portrait of Christian Samsoe - The Personal Business Plan client

Christian Samsoe

Managing Partner, Plenum Invest and Consulting
The system, by way of its approachable form and gentle nudging, made difficult dilemmas vanish and a clear direction appear.  I highly recommend subscribing to the Personal Business Plan System.
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Portrait of Peter Englev - The Personal Business Plan client

Peter Englev

Head of Industrial Equipment & Transport, SG Finans - a Société Générale company
Initially, the topics and questions seem obvious, but as you go deeper into this tool you realize that it is tough work and that the questions require honest answers.
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Portrait of director Alexander Reinhold - The Personal Business Plan client

Alexander Reinhold

Director Consumer Business, Deloitte Munich
His 10-step system, supported by the effective online Toolkit, helped turn my introspective reflections into a coherent and concise long-term plan.
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Portrait of Jens Almdal - The Personal Business Plan client

Jens Almdal

VP District Energy Network Stations, Danfoss A/S
The Personal Business Plan is the best thing I have done to develop myself and plan my life in a fast-moving world!
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Portrait of Hui Wang Christiansen - The Personal Business Plan client

Hui Wang Christiansen

Value Realization Manager, Technology Finance, A.P. Moller - Maersk
I met Stephen at a turning point in my life.  I had performed outstandingly at work, was half way through my executive MBA, and in search of a major up-leveling of my career.
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Portrait of CEO Anders Rahr - The Personal Business Plan client

Anders Rahr

Senior Vice President, IC Group A/S
The combination of coaching sessions, the book, and continuously documenting my personal progress in the online Toolkit ensured that my reflections became fully internalized.
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Portrait of Jacob Ellehauge Sode - The Personal Business Plan client

Jakob Ellehauge Sode

Financial Advisor & Business Angel
The Personal Business Plan reduced my general uncertainty by eliminating the friction between the way I see my story and the way others see it.
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Three pricing plans

Choose the pricing plan that suits you best.
Your Toolkit access is the same in all plans. The only difference between the plans is price and duration.
Add the Toolkit to your home screen as an App for easy access.

Starter Billed monthly
  • $ 27
Pro Billed yearly
  • $ 270
Master One time payment
  • $ 497

How does the Toolkit work?

Think of the Toolkit as your own personal coach.
✓ You log in.
✓ You watch a video.
✓ You read an exercise.
✓ You reflect.
✓ You complete the exercise.
✓ You print the exercise or the entire plan.
✓ You save your Personal Business Plan as an ebook.
✓ Later, in the years to come, you revisit your Personal Business Plan from time to time.
✓With new experience and perspective added in your life, you reflect again and update your plan.

When you're done with the 40 exercises, you have personal clarity and a career plan for your future.
This all takes a good deal of time. Expect at least 10 hours in total for the first completion.


How long will it take until you see results?

Most people find that it ­takes six to twelve months to develop and implement their Personal Business Plan.  Making life changes and growing new habits doesn’t happen overnight.

As with all major transformations, you need to invest time and energy to gain insights, to self-evaluate, to plan, and to stick to your plan.  Put in a focused effort, and The Personal Business Plan will empower you to achieve your results.


Get even better results together with one of our certified coaches

Sign up with Stephen Bruyant-Langer himself or with one of our Certified PBP Partners, if you want to go even further, reap more benefits, and make your personal development journey stronger and deeper.


Complete your Personal Business Plan and you will

  • Build resilience
  • Gain existential clarity
  • Enjoy guaranteed results and long-lasting effect
  • Experience the joy of putting your affairs and dreams in order
  • Become more happy and successful
  • Live the good life


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