Rajeev Bhadauria is our PBP Partner in India. Rajeev runs his own consultancy business, Ebullient LLP, in New Delhi after 30+ years as an HR executive with some of India’s large companies.
Rajeev Bhadauria exemplifies a unique blend of Business, Consulting, Coaching, and Academic acumen
He is skilled in executive coaching, team building, business transformation, leadership, and executive search. Rajeev has the big picture vision as well as the eye for the granular details of the professional and also the entrepreneurial work environment.

Rajeev holds two bachelors of law and arts from the University of Allahabad as well as a postgrad in personnel management and industry relations. Rajeev works in English, Hindi, and Urdu.

About Rajeev

Rajeev comes out as a rounded, mature, and prolific Senior Human Resources and Business leader. He is experienced in working with big and complex corporates like NTPC, Reliance ADA Group, and Jindal Steel & Power Ltd., as a member of the senior leadership team for over three decades (1984-2019).

As such, Rajeev has both the big picture vision as well as the eye for the complex granular details. This helps him understand the nuances of both the professional and the entrepreneurial work environment, an understanding so very necessary to handle complexities of the current turbulent business environment where creative and parallel thinking processes rather than linear ones hold the virtue.

In course of his career, he has handled domains as diverse as Power (generation/distribution/transmission), Steel, Infrastructure (metro/airports/roads/buildings), Entertainment, Telecom, Health, and Capital — all of these areas from incubation to execution.

Besides being adept at handling complex HR life cycle processes, Rajeev’s key strength lies in helping create a vibrant work culture that inspires engagement of the workforce across levels from the shop floor to the board rooms — from the militant ‘Trade Unions’ to the sophisticated ‘Knowledge Work Force’. He has helped create a business leadership focus that creates value beyond PE ratios and EBIDTA margins. His belief is that in today’s VUCA world (Volatility-Uncertainty-Complexity-Ambiguity), the days of programmed thinking ‘systematic’ managers are over and need to be replaced with ‘systemic’ business leaders with an agile perspective. Business aligned HR initiatives, developed and executed by Rajeev, were greatly instrumental in turning around of steel business of JSPL in 2017-18.

Various initiatives related to the HR domain, particularly in the Leadership & Organizational Development stream, carried out under Rajeev’s leadership, have received national and international recognition and rewards, including the coveted American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) award for Innovative Best Practices in the field of enhancing Customer Experience/Engagement of Internal/External Stakeholders.

Post his three decades of Corporate experience, Rajeev was a Senior Industry Expert for Mercer in India and South Asia, in the years 2019-2020.

Also, since April 2019 he has been the Founder & Managing Partner at Ebullient LLP, a Learning & Organizational Development company given to redefining learning & leadership paradigms, besides using creative ways to coaching senior executives, especially with a futuristic perspective.

Finally, as a part of his mission to make the 400 million youth of India employable (by 2025), he has co-founded a start-up, My Transform — a world-class online Career Counselling and Learning Platform which uniquely connects learning to work life. Using artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) support, My Transform helps students self-explore the widest possibilities available today rather than be inhibited and limited by the obvious few occupations conventionally known so far.

As such, Rajeev Bhadauria exemplifies a unique blend of Business, Consulting, Coaching, and Academic acumen which makes him relevant as a Human Resources and Business thought leader, especially in turbulent times, such as the post-Lehman financial crisis and the Covid-19 crisis.