We will help you achieve THE GOOD LIFE

With The Personal Business Plan, you will

  • UNDERSTAND YOURSELF  –  Analyze your past and present
  • IDENTIFY YOUR DRIVERS  –  Grasp your personality
  • REINVENT YOURSELF  –  Set your goals
  • DESIGN YOUR FUTURE  –  Plan and execute

Together, we will edit your past, curate your present, and design your future

What do I get when I subscribe to The Personal Business Plan Toolkit?

Easily accessible from any device


  • Highly structured approach
  • 40 Interactive exercises
  • 10 Sessions
  • 4 Phases
  • 1 Plan
  • Complete confidentiality
  • A multitude of tools, techniques, templates, videos, cases, and examples


Step-by-step, follow the structured process carefully, apply a consistent effort, and arrive at the result


  • a defined and actionable life plan, 50-100 pages
  • with all your insights and conclusions documented
  • ready for you to implement

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Watch Stephen explain how to achieve success in your professional and personal life with The Personal Business Plan

Stephen’s book The Personal Business Plan – A blueprint for running your life came out in 2013. In this video from the launch of the book, Stephen explains the four pillars of The Personal Business Plan:

Life Ambition
Personal Reinvention
Learning Agility
Courage to Commit

How to follow the principles, and why they work for you!

What are the 10 steps of The Personal Business Plan?

Build your own Personal Business Plan through these 10 authoritative steps, carefully laid out in a sequence based on Stephen’s vast experience

1. What Is My Situation?
Synthesize your personal Four-Leaf Clover

2. How Can I Thrive?
Carry out the Heaven and Hell Exercise – a definition of your life anchors

3. When Do I Perform at My Best?
Calibrate your career perspective and map your Functional Conditions

4. What Energizes Me?
Perform your personal SWOT analysis – manage your strengths and weaknesses

5. Where Am I on My Personal Journey?
Determine your current platform in life through a Life Phase Analysis

6. How Do I Become Happy?
Find out what you are looking for? The concept of Happiness 360

7. How Do I Reinvent Myself?
Make some hard choices. No such thing as a free lunch!

8. How Do I Differentiate Myself from Others?
Don’t compete with others – make them irrelevant – compete only with yourself

9. What Is My Personal Business Plan?
Understand yourself crystal clear – you now have a life guide for your continuous reinvention.

10. What Have I Learned?
Experience the strength of Scenario Writing. Reflect, document and act as the next natural step.

Hear Stephen explain his 10 pieces of good advice on how to obtain success and happiness

1. Be generous

3. Stop living up to other people’s expectations

5. Be direct and consequent in your communication

7. Break the mold before you break down

9. Find your life ambition

2. Be inclusive and tolerant

4. Be an interesting conversation partner

6. Spend 10.000 hours becoming excellent at something

8. Run a risk from time to time

10. Reinvent yourself

Why do I need a plan?

We have plans for work and business, but most of us don’t have a plan for life. At The Personal Business Plan, we want to change this for you. Over the years, thousands of people have benefited from using the tools, exercises, and guides behind The Personal Business Plan. We know we can help you too.

Think of The Personal Business Plan as your own personal coach, who helps you find your way to a better life. The Personal Business Plan is an online personal development and self-improvement system, which guides you through developing your own interactive life plan, at the time and speed, which suits you. It even helps you implement your plan, and gives you the tools to stick to it.

The Personal Business Plan is your tool for getting your life on track, and help you be happy and live life to its fullest.

You need to invest time and effort in your Personal Business Plan, but we promise that the process is both fun and insightful. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. In developing Your Plan, you will be guided by questions and exercises, which help determine what makes you happy, where in your life you are struggling, and what changes are necessary for you to live the good life.

The Personal Business Plan works by leading you through four phases:
1) Understand yourself – Analyse your past and present
2) Identify your drivers – Grasp your personality
3) Reinvent yourself – Set your goals
4) Design your future – Plan and execute

As you develop Your Plan, you write your findings, actions, and conclusions into The Personal Business Plan system, personalizing it as much as you like.

Your final personal plan is like a business plan. Except it is Your Personal Business Plan. It clearly defines the new you, and how you become that person using both text and graphics. But unlike a normal business plan, which you can choose to put aside, Your Personal Business Plan is already a work in progress. As you develop Your Plan, you are already well on your way to the good life.

How long does it take?

Most people find that it ­takes 6-12 months to develop – and implement – their Personal Business Plan. Making life changes and growing new habits doesn’t happen overnight.

As with all major transformations, you need to invest time and energy to gain insights, to self-evaluate, to plan, and to stick to your plan. Expect to spend many hours over a period of several weeks or months to complete all the exercises, preferably undisturbed.

Put in a focused effort, and The Personal Business Plan will empower you to achieve your results.

Invest the time and effort to complete Your Personal Business Plan and you will

Build resilience

Gain existential clarity

Enjoy guaranteed results and long-lasting effect

Experience the huge joy of putting your affairs and dreams in order

Become happy and successful

Live the good life

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