Our Keynotes

Get in touch, if you’re interested. We’d love to contribute to your event with an unforgettable experience.

These are our standard keynotes. They all last about one hour. We can also tailor a keynote completely to your needs, depending on your audience and perspective.


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  • The Personal Business Plan – A Blueprint for Running Your Life

    A keynote about finding your life ambition, reinventing yourself, remaining learning agile, and maintaining your courage to commit.

  • The Personal Business Plan for Leadership Teams – Find Your Mutual Direction

    A keynote about thinking leadership in a future perspective and not settling for more of the same. To Eternity and Beyond!

  • The DNA of Executive Leadership

    A keynote about the secret behind success – get the explanation why some people succeed, and others fail.

  • The Headhunter’s Big Book of Tricks

    A keynote about the secret world of headhunting – join behind the scenes and experience an insider’s view.


What our audience says about us

Portrait of Susanne Arnfred - The Personal Business Plan client

Susanne Arnfred

Partner, Deloitte & Vice Dean, Deloitte University EMEA
Stephen delivered an excellent session for a group of our senior partners.  His many years of experience gives him great credibility and shines through in his presence
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Portrait of Susanne Grantzau - The Personal Business Plan client

Susanne Grantzau

Senior Consultant, The Financial Services Union
Stephen has been an extremely professional keynote speaker at many of my events. His Personal Business Plan system is transformative.
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Portrait of Niels Moller Nielsen - The Personal Business Plan client

Niels Moller Nielsen

Founder & CEO, Ordo Recruitment
One of Stephen’s greatest strengths is his communication skills. I have been part of many different audiences, where Stephen has been a keynote speaker.
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Big Brains Meet Big Hearts

The Personal Business Plan has hosted two summit meetings under the heading “Big Brains Meet Bit Hearts”.  In both cases, participants were leaders and opinion makers within a wide number of fields in arts and science.

The theme of the first summit meeting in 2018 was  POLARIZATION.

We discussed the current polarization in our society and in the world, and how to deal with it.

The theme of the second summit meeting in 2019 was TRANSITIONS: What Is Their Impact on You? And What Types of Transition Do We All Go Through?

We discussed various types of transitions, i.e. cultural, political, leadership, and existential transitions, and how they all tie in with the concept of identity.


What it looks and sounds like when Stephen speaks

Here is an example of a one-hour keynote that Stephen gave at the International Business Club, the alumni organization at Copenhagen Business School, about how to achieve one’s maximum in life.