What Our Clients Say


Lasse Rich Henningsen
CEO, Musikkens Hus, Aalborg, Denmark & Chairman Nordic Concert Halls

Lasse Rich Henningsen shares how The Personal Business Plan transformed him into a new man and a better leader!

Lasse was elected Leader of the Year 2018 by The Danish Association of Managers and Executives.

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  • Britt Meelby Jensen
    CEO, Atos Medical AB

    The Personal Business Plan is a great and well-structured approach, which gave room for a lot of reflections that would not be prioritized or in focus otherwise. I have become more robust and balanced in how I approach life and everyday situations. I am much more clear about my priorities and “mission” in life, which makes me more comfortable in making choices. I think many senior executives could benefit from this.

  • Gary Burnison
    CEO, Korn Ferry

    The Personal Business Plan provides a genuine blueprint to drive individual transformational development and overall career success. This authoritative, 10-step process enables you to determine what is truly important and to establish and focus on your true life ambition.

  • Peter Kürstein
    President, Radiometer A/S – A Danaher Company

    Stephen Bruyant-Langer boldly states that his goal in The Personal Business Plan is to make you happy. Certainly a lofty ambition. With an irresistible and compelling use of common sense and psychology, Stephen Bruyant-Langer delivers this goal by presenting the analysis and decision process as a personal business plan. Common sense and deep psychological insight is vigorously applied. Embarking on the process of reaching a higher level of happiness is made as easy as designing a 2 week exercise program to get in shape.

    Stephen Bruyant-Langer knows how you are thinking – and in The Personal Business Plan he elegantly compels you to move yourself to your next level. Deep psychological insight is invisibly applied to a familiar and easy-to-use business plan roadmap. With “Your Personal Business Plan” your biggest existential questions look like common sense.

  • Charlotte Wordenskjold Nørregaard-Ettle
    CFO Asia Pacific, Windmoeller & Hoelscher Asia Pacific Co. Ltd.

    Stephen was my coach and dedicated mentor during 12 months when I happened to be ‘in between corporate roles’ in Bangkok. I was exposed to the PBP concept, which is absolutely brilliant, fascinating, and inspiring. PBP painted a picture of me as a corporate family person, before, now and in the future. It delivered my personal ‘SWOT’ and provided a framework for me to plan my next steps to achieve my targets, based on a bird’s eye view. The long time frame of a full year also supported me with enough patience to assess opportunities presented and to wait to strike until the time and place were right.

    PBP is a fascinating journey, bringing self-insight for better and for worse. I learned to contain weaknesses and build on strengths and to formulate a vision and aspiration of what to achieve. PBP also showed me the path to get rid of stupidities and anxieties and to become a better and more balanced person.

    Stephen is a strong personal coach, who enabled me to proceed and achieve more than I originally targeted for, both as a corporate and as a family person. Whether you live in Denmark or elsewhere, I can wholeheartedly recommend Stephen. You will never regret it!

  • Majken Schultz
    Professor, Copenhagen Business School, and non-executive member of several company boards

    Stephen has been a very inspiring coach in helping me set aspirations for my next level of accomplishments – in my own research as well as in my various leadership roles. He has helped me articulate my own dreams and, more importantly, believe that they are within reach.

    Stephen uses a simple and compelling way of moving back-and-forth between lofty dreams and hard-nosed action. All in all, his coaching has encouraged me to trust my own instincts, while becoming much more clear about where those instincts will take me.

  • Jakob Ellehauge Sode
    Financial Advisor & Business Angel

    I was looking for change – a career change and a “better life” – and I needed help. I turned to The Personal Business Plan for executive coaching by Stephen Bruyant-Langer and the online Toolkit.

    The result was very convincing! I received two highly relevant job offers and accepted my ideal role. The whole process of seeing myself in “the receiver’s perspective” meant a lot to me. I became able to “tell my story from the future”, clearly explaining how I got where I am, and where I want to go. The Personal Business Plan reduced my general uncertainty by eliminating the friction between the way I see my story and the way others see it. I became much more self-aware and stronger in the process.

  • Christian Samsø
    Managing Partner, Plenum Invest and Consulting

    The Personal Business Plan enabled me to make a strategic reorientation of my business life. The system, by way of its approachable form and gentle nudging, made difficult dilemmas vanish and a clear direction appear. Solutions became self-evident and execution easy. All in all, the process gave great clarity and understanding. I highly recommend signing up to the Personal Business Plan System.

  • Susanne Arnfred
    Vice Dean, Deloitte University EMEA

    Stephen delivered an excellent session for a group of our senior partners. His many years of experience gives him great credibility and shines through in his presence. He is very high energy, very engaging and good at challenging his audience. Furthermore, he has a unique ability to stay present in the moment and leverage the opportunities that arise. He has an ability to make it relevant for the audience. And it was the experience of not knowing exactly what would happen but feeling 100% safe at the same time.
    Stephen’s session was the most talked about and the highest rated of the seminar. I would not hesitate to invite Stephen back for future engagements.

  • Luise Faurschou
    Founder & Director, Faurschou Art Resources & ART 2030

    The Personal Business Plan is an immensely efficient tool – for clarifying potentials and priorities as well as for determining your future path. I recommend it highly.

  • Joakim Lilholt
    CEO, Danish Dental Association

    During my personal and professional life, I have encountered many skilled, clever and outstanding professionals — but Stephen is unique. His ability to meet you where you are, and then embrace, lift and move you by your own force and will is simply breathtaking. He possesses classical leadership skills such as virtue, discipline, and honor, and he shares these skills with you, so as to help you set the goals higher…!

  • Uwe Horn
    Managing Partner, Executive Services

    Stephen helped me reach my true potential.

    I called Stephen because I was stuck at working towards my potential and because his book The Personal Business Plan had already given me profound guidance to define my own Personal Business Plan.

    Stephen’s good knowledge of human nature helped me identify my own personal restrictions and redefine my new positive image and my future ambitions. Stephen’s coaching and the PBP system are an efficient way to identify and clarify your ambitions, priorities, and potential.

    Stephen was an inspiring coach and I recommend Stephen and his method highly.

  • Flemming Borreskov
    President and Founder Catalytic Society, ex-CEO Realdania

    Doing “My Personal Business Plan” 5 years ago developed into a great and inspiring journey. The opportunity to focus on myself, my past and my skills gave me insight into new dimensions of myself that I wasn’t conscious of. My desires and my dreams became much clearer to me. Today, some of my dreams have come true. Stephen Bruyant-Langer was an excellent coach throughout the process. I can highly recommend him and his method.

  • Torben Janholt
    President and Founder Just Water, ex-CEO, J. Lauritzen A/S

    When I finally retired, I was at ease with myself, prepared for my new life in so many ways and most of all full of appetite to explore this new period. Thanks to Stephen.
    Stephen is a charming, open but also forceful professional, who in an elegant way conducts the various sessions you must go through. You are together with an inspiring mentor and a business psychologist. A challenge.

  • Nicoline Jacoby Hansen
    Owner Ph.d., PLUS Agency

    Stephen deserves a RESOUNDING thank you for all his great help over the last couple of years. He has taught me an incredible lot, and his coaching qualities are unparalleled – it’s that simple!

    Stephen has a rare ability to be honest and say what no one else will tell you, without making it sound like criticism. He will give you that right push, which supports and confirms, motivates and prods your development potential and sends you forward. Stephen comes highly recommended, and I truly miss all his great advice and reflections on both business and human behaviour!

  • Susanne Grantzau
    Senior Consultant, The Financial Services Union

    Stephen has been an extremely professional keynote speaker at many of my events. His Personal Business Plan system is transformative both in workshops and in seminars. Our participants have been inspired to go on and pursue their desires and dreams. Stop Whining – Start Winning!

    I can safely say that Stephen has been an enormous source of inspiration for me. He is generous, welcoming and sincere in his demeanour and in sharing his knowledge. Working closely with Stephen is a great pleasure. He is always open to new ways of seeing and doing things. Always in a good mood and very straightforward, he is highly skilled and – when necessary – very sharp and challenging. I would like to give Stephen, Stephen’s books, Stephen’s executive coaching program, and Stephen’s online Toolkit “The Personal Business Plan” my highest recommendation. Together, these elements represent an extremely powerful cocktail – the ultimate personal development system!

  • Hjalte Kjems
    Owner, HK Entreprise A/S

    I run a successful construction company. Since I started working with Stephen, my personal life as well as my professional life have improved in ways I did not imagine before.
    Stephen’s advice is specific and hands-on. He has a unique way of seeing my pains and guiding me to a solution. My work with Stephen has motivated me to implement major changes in my company regarding digitalization, top management, customers, and other strategic issues. On a personal level, I am healthier and happier.
    The Personal Business Plan is a magnificent step-by-step method, clear and comprehensive. I feel confident that I leave no stone unturned in my life, and I feel confident that I plan and act in the best way possible. I would recommend The Personal Business Plan to anyone ambitious who wants to go even further.

  • Morten Felding
    CEO, Atea A/S

    The coaching process has given me great insight into myself and I believe I have become a stronger and sharper leader and person with the insight I now have.
    Stephen is a very good listener, very good in asking questions and carefully guiding me to find my own conclusions. Stephen is a trustworthy partner and by his personality and professionalism he creates an environment of trust which is crucial to make a powerful coaching program.
    Stephen is a true professional and strives for excellence.

  • Jens Almdal
    VP District Energy Network Stations, Danfoss A/S

    The Personal Business Plan is the best thing I have done to develop myself and plan my life in a fast moving world!

    In my professional career, I have developed and executed many strategies. Sometimes the development process is made easier because it is facilitated by a framework or a consultant. The Personal Business Plan is the best possible framework for developing your further career. Stephen is an excellent coach: He will challenge you on where you are good, what makes you happy, and how you stay sharp and competitive. The Toolkit supports the process of documenting your results. Always have a coach or friend challenge your observations and conclusions – things are not always as you think or want them to be…

  • Niels Moller Nielsen
    Head of General Managers, Central & Eastern Europe, WS Audiology A/S

    Stephen was an excellent coach and mentor for me during 2½ years – very dedicated, passionate and committed to me regarding the different challenges I was facing in my daily business life in both Ukraine and Russia.
    He supported me in an excellent way during the global crisis, with the right tools he always ensured to give me the right balance between work and private life and he was able to fly up in the helicopter and see the big picture.
    One of Stephen’s greatest strengths is his communication skills. I have been part of many different audiences, where Stephen has been a keynote speaker. Outstanding performance and dedication from his side and he is really able to deliver a top notch result.

  • Joachim Rubow
    SVP Group Communications, Marketing, CSR and Claims Prevention, Tryg Insurance

    The Personal Business Plan might, based on title only, sound like yet another unleash-your-unrealized-potential book. It isn’t. In a world where recruiters and executive search companies tend to narrow candidates to CV headlines and inflated job titles, Stephen has chosen to challenge habit thinking.
    The Personal Business Plan explains how successful companies are comprised of more than just talented professionals; they excel due to successful human beings. My meeting with Stephen’s thinking forced me to review my accomplishments as well as my motivators in a different light. It has synchronized my personal and career ambitions, and provided me with clear guidance and purpose in the actions and choices I make.

  • Niels Henriksen
    Chief Consultant, Pluss Leadership

    If you want to take a long-term perspective on your career path and life, and if you dare to challenge your beliefs about your professional life, the Personal Business Plan (PBP) has by far the best mindset and methods I’ve tried. After working with career and leadership development for managers and executives for several decades, I had the opportunity to work extensively with my own Personal Business Plan through challenging and educational coaching by Stephen in 2016-2017. The PBP program gave me a systematic way of viewing my achievements in a broader and better perspective and enabled me to set both short-term and long-term ambitions for my professional future.

    Today, two years later, I still revisit my PBP in order to keep my ambitions and challenges on track. I am confident that I will continue to do so several times every year throughout the remainder of my career. Having this written documentation of thoughts, ideas, and decisions, helps me execute my goals. My PBP also makes it much easier to share my ambitions and seek support from my network.

    I can truly recommend Stephen as a highly professional coach and executive advisor.

  • Jan Bollingtoft Asmussen
    Partner & Owner, CPA, Haamann A/S

    ”You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough”, in all its simplicity describes what ”My Personal Business Plan” is all about!
    I experienced the process as a mental check-up, which surprisingly revealed imbalances between the life I want to live and my actual life. Focus on daily routines and tasks had in obscurity created my imbalance.
    My Personal Business Plan now functions as a forecast for the remaining part of my life, it contains work as well as private goals for the life I feel worth living and look forward to live. By performing regular pit stops I secure that my forecast is updated and my milestones achieved. For all coming users I recommend that the ”first pass” is done with assistance from Stephen. Without Stephen’s experience and professional insight the quality of my realizations and visions would never have reached its present level: Prioritize important things; be ambitious when setting personal goals and brave when pursuing them; that’s how you create a personal adventure.