The rationale behind The Personal Business Plan is simple: We have plans and goals for businesses, but what about our personal lives?

Too many coaches pose a lot of questions. The Personal Business Plan gives you answers. Answers about where to go with your life. With PBP you will succeed in going, where you thought you could never get to. We know you can do it better and with more joy and satisfaction than you think.

In The Personal Business Plan, you work as ambitiously and professionally with your own personal life as you do with your work life. Many top executives have worked their way through the system since 1996 and have emerged at the other end with a personal life plan as a result. An actionable life plan which provides peace of mind, self-respect, and control.

The Personal Business Plan is more than a system and much more than a plan; it is a philosophy, which changes your life. The philosophy and thinking behind it create a desire for the future and an appetite for life.

Why Stephen Made The Personal Business Plan

The Four-Leaf Clover Legend

The Four-Leaf Clover is the Personal Business Plan signature – it is our guiding principle. The model represents two infinity loops and multiple directions. It’s a symbol of your life. You choose your own path, your own goals, and your own means. Sometimes you cross your own trail, sometimes you pivot, sometimes you persevere, and sometimes life simply happens. Once you know where you are in life, and where you are going, you will have obtained existential clarity and you will never again feel insecure.


One simple philosophy links all The Personal Business Plan concepts

The 4 principles of our PBP philosophy:

1. Life Ambition
is the key to growth and value

and Mastery of
2. Personal Reinvention
3. Learning Agility
4. Courage to Commit
is the indisputably effective way to becoming happy and successful.


In our Four-Leaf Clover, happiness is in the center. We truly believe that you can live a happy life by constantly pursuing your Life Ambition, by repeatedly Reinventing Yourself, by nurturing your Learning Agility and by having the Courage to Commit. You can do more than you think. Your greatest enemy is your own self-limitation.

Your Life Ambition is the reason why you are on this planet at any given moment. Your Life Ambition develops and varies over time. What do you want to achieve? How do you want to be remembered? What gives you energy? Please remember that life is not a rehearsal.

Why do you need to repeatedly Reinvent Yourself? Well, during a lifetime you evolve so significantly that keeping the same descriptors simply doesn’t make sense. You go through many different life phases and your self-perception is often lagging compared to the new position you have achieved. You need to kill your darlings to proactively profit from new opportunities.

Being Learning Agile means knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do. Recognizing situations, in which you feel insecure will help you foresee these situations and act in the most relevant way. We all encounter situations that make us feel insecure. The secret is to learn how to deal with them and act adequately when faced with adversity. New patterns will form and such situations will no longer seem threatening.

Courage to Commit is what you show when you make a choice – and stick to it! There are choices, and there are consequences. Often a certain level of risk is involved and therefore it is even more important to maintain your course. Success is the sum of your choices. Young people don’t have to wait for the right education, the right apartment or the right partner to turn up. Mature people don’t have to wait for the perfect promotion, the right moment, or everyone else’s acceptance. Sometimes, you need to choose and consciously make your choice the right choice.

By using the Four-Leaf Clover concept, you will experience the different parts of your life falling into place. You will obtain a clear picture of your existential platform, and you will improve your life and your value creation. You will be able to turn your thoughts into action – and action into value. This is what The Personal Business Plan is all about. Your Personal Business Plan acts as your sixth sense – as your compass – in life.

We empower you to make informed life choices

We have a virtual office – it’s called the future

We change the world – one life at a time

Everything we do is based on trust

We’ve got your back!