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How to become efficient and resilient at the same time

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You need to find your best coping strategy through this COVID-19 pandemic. My recommendation is to anchor yourself firmly in the future. Protecting your present while building your future.

I see life as a learning curve. Only a few months ago, I saw this new decade described as The Roaring ‘20s. And then in March 2020, it all came to a halt. After 10 years of unprecedented economic growth, it all abruptly stopped. We now find ourselves physically distancing ourselves – even isolating ourselves.

So how do you use this time to best learn and progress? How do you best reinvent yourself to face the new normal?

The Existential Challenge

There is a time to think. And there is a time to act. I am sure that you now spend more time contemplating the future than you did before the COVID-19 pandemic. We have just been through a festive season (Easter), and instead of fraternizing, we have each been confined to our small circles. This has been a void to some. And an existential challenge to others. Use this opportunity to simplify and obtain “the good life”.

The Overview Effect

There is no roadmap for governing yourself through a pandemic. But this situation creates a unique opportunity to achieve what the astronauts call The Overview Effect. When looking at our planet from outer space, a certain calm arises. It is as if the pieces of the puzzle come together. So why not use this crisis as an opportunity to gain perspective?

Cut through the clutter and find clarity and a sense of control

In my work as a top executive coach, I talk to many inspiring leaders. What they in common is curiosity, remarkable intelligence, and an acute sense of responsibility. They all want to contribute. Their work with me and help them find their personal way of contributing. They get to focus. They cut through the clutter and find clarity and a sense of control. They find their way through this pandemic without a roadmap by focusing on their long-term goals. This approach will also work for you. Focus on your direction. How do you want to live your life 20 years from now? Why not make your own life plan?

How to be efficient

All executives are well-trained in the techniques of efficiency. Lean, just in time, KPIs, budgets, and time management are all well-known productivity tools. And we feel very comfortable with Excel sheets and Gannt-diagrams. So, there is no mystery here. However, in our search for optimization, we have ignored some blind spots. None of us had imagined the situation in which we now find ourselves. It is truly a significant black swan – a once in a lifetime event.

How to be resilient

When it comes to resilience, we find quite another story. This goes for you as a person as well as for the business model of your company. The COVID-19 crisis has shown us that we have paid a high price for the modern focus on efficiency on behalf of resilience. Both as persons and as businesses we have minimized all buffers. This goes for physical stock as well as time. And then, when the entire supply chain suddenly stops because of the pandemic, we find ourselves at a loss. At such point in time, you need to have your priorities in place in order to be resilient, both from a personal, a work, a financial, and a physical point of view.

How to be efficient and resilient at the same time

It seems that Indian CEOs have nailed it. According to a recent Bain & Company report, 70% of Indian CEOs balance short-term crisis communication and long-term planning. And this precisely defines your task: Doing both-and. Anchoring yourself firmly in the future while securing daily operations. Being optimistic about the future while pragmatically dealing with the present. Doing the necessary without sacrificing the vision.

No excuses

All of this goes for your business as well as for yourself. Most of what I read in strategy books, in psychology books, and in philosophy books can be interpreted both from an individual perspective and from a business perspective. In the light of the current crisis, you now actually have the downtime to reflect upon your life and prioritize what is fundamentally important to you. So please use this opportunity for growth. I am here to help you, should you need assistance.

By Stephen Bruyant-Langer

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