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🍀PBP News #6 | Create your Personal Business Plan as an eBook

Dear friend,

It’s been a while since you heard from us… Now we’re picking up on our newsletter again.

Today’s newsletter is about big things and small:

  1. Your own Personal Business Plan as an eBook,
  2. Life transitions and existential questions,
  3. Two Corona work tips from our daughter.

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1. Create your own Personal Business Plan as an eBook

First and foremost, we’re keen to let you know about a new feature we added to our online Toolkit.

Our online PBP Toolkit is our career acceleration app, where you complete 40 exercises about yourself and end up making a plan for your future, i.e. you create your own Personal Business Plan.

Now, with our new feature, you can create your Personal Business Plan as an eBook. With just one click, at any time while you are working in the Toolkit, you can turn your work into a comprehensive pdf. It will contain your full PBP including all explanatory and motivational texts and graphics as well as all your own answers and notes.

We have users from 90 unique countries in our Toolkit. We urge you to join them.

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2. Life Transitions and Existential Questions

Humans learn from each other. At The Personal Business Plan, we are fortunate to have brilliant clients who teach us truths. We want to share what they have taught us about life transitions and existential questions.

We are all individuals leading unique lives. But – luckily for us all – most of us have similar wishes for life. It turns out that while being highly different, we are also very much alike.

Let us focus on the existential questions most people pose at the ages of 39, 49, 59, and 69 years, respectively. These ages happen to be points in life when our clients often approach us for executive coaching.

On the brink of a new decade, we usually feel a special need to ponder life. Each new decade brings a sensation of transition coupled with reflection and emotions, a step into a new chapter in life with renewed opportunities to change and start over. It’s like an enhanced feeling of the new year.

Take a long look at the matrix below and see if the questions resonate with you.

  • Do you recognize yourself in your current phase?
  • Do you remember your experiences and emotions in past phases?
  • Do the questions in future phases match your expectations?

Matrix with existential questions per decade

Contemplating these questions is a way of preparing yourself for the future – of becoming life competent. Very often, we are 4-5 years behind our own development curve. This means that you may already have changed, but you don’t know it yet!

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3. Two Corona work tips from our daughter

By now, the world has been more or less locked down for a year. Our adaptability across all continents has proven to be mind-blowing – with innovation and stamina as the driving forces. We will get through this!

One of our daughters works for BCG in Copenhagen, Denmark. She recently shared two wise tips for how to keep your spirits high during Corona lockdown:

  • Don’t try to replicate the old ways – instead, do something different
    Instead of replicating what work used to be like at the office by creating virtual coffee chats or lunches, use the time to do something you wouldn’t usually be able to. Have lunch with your partner, go for a walk on your break, and do house chores during the week between Zoom meetings.
  • Accept that you can’t perform at the same level as before​
    Covid-19 has affected everyone negatively in one way or the other. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can give ourselves the psychological safety we need to navigate the pandemic. We are not meant to perform at the same level as before Covid-19. It’s important to acknowledge that.

See the full post here.

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Thanks for reading. Stay safe.

Warm regards,

Mette and Stephen Bruyant-Langer
Founders of The Personal Business Plan

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