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Do You Dedicate 50% of Your Time to the Future?

Green road sign welcome to the future with clouds above

Responsibility stems from Response Ability. When you are aligned with your future then you are able to act effortlessly.

You enter a state of Relaxed Readiness, which enables you to act without great effort. You feel as if your reservoirs have been replenished – as if you have been re-energized from within.

I try to live my life in terms of a GPS – always looking forward. As you know, a GPS, through the handling of Big Data, exactly understands, where I’m at and exactly knows, how to get to where I’m going. A GPS always:

  • Looks forward without focusing on past mistakes
  • Gently nudges the driver in the right direction
  • Reacts to changes in the environment
  • Has a positive and polite voice
  • Has angelic patience

Well, to be honest, the last point may not always be entirely representative of my behavior!

I try to live my life in terms of a GPS – always looking forward.

One amongst many existential challenges is to be proactively challenging. Do you devote more than 50% of your time to the future? That’s where all the exciting stuff is going to happen! And actually it is not only a question of your time spent, but it is also about the object of your mental energy. Do you tend to think in terms of past limitations or in terms of future opportunities?

In my opinion, too much time is spent dwelling on the past and ruminating past experiences. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. It simply depends on the memories you choose to focus on. We can all recollect a ton of positive memorable moments – if we choose to. The actor Halle Berry puts it this way: “My mother helped me identify myself the way the world would identify me. Bloodlines didn’t matter as much as how I would be perceived.” She transformed herself from a very tough childhood to global stardom.

Existence is about choice. And this is one of your fundamental choices in life. It is a question of your inner dialogue – whether it is directed towards your past or towards your future. Trusting in your own capability to influence the future gives you peace of mind. You are the only one in charge. You need to step into character and put up some challenging personal goals that can energize you. And all my work is about helping you identify your Life Ambition, transform your perspective, and experience exceptional life quality.

The Personal Business Plan empowers you to make informed life choices. You can always deviate from your plan but at least you have established a path that leads to your Life Ambition. And it is not that hard. You have all the rest of your life to achieve it!

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