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🍀PBP News #3 | Leadership at three levels

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Dear friend,

This issue of 🍀PBP News is about LEADERSHIP at three different levels:

  1. Your first 100 days in a new leadership job
  2. The empty bowl perspective
  3. Our recent summit meeting “Where Big Brains Meet Big Hearts”

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT 🥦 – Reflections on career and life


It’s always hard to start a new job. It’s especially hard to start a new leadership job. On top of that, you don’t have much time to prove yourself. Typically, the first 100 days determine whether you make it or break it.

But it IS doable, and you CAN excel at it! Success is practically guaranteed if you follow these 7 rules:

7 Ways to Succeed in the First 100 Days of Your New Leadership Job

  • Understand the assignment
  • Prepare well
  • Be yourself
  • Communicate clearly and precisely
  • The job is about the future
  • Be open and trustful
  • Be realistic and penetrating

See all the details of what to do and how to do it in our latest blog post. Or watch Stephen tell about it (in Danish) in this video made for the Danish Association of Managers.

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THE MENTAL FITNESS ROOM 🏋️‍♀️ – Piece of advice


Once you’re into your job as a leader, it can become difficult to see things clearly. Facts often become muddled by emotions. Specific tasks become overtaken by relationships. Clear and simple solutions become confused by conflicting considerations.

In such cases, at The Personal Business Plan, we have an effective mindset you can apply to help you stay focused. You want to stay focused on the problems and the solutions, and you want to avoid getting flustered by emotions. You want to stay sharp and on top of things.

The KEY here is to regard the situations and the environment around you as a bowl with nothing in it, as an empty bowl. The bowl is an object, and it doesn’t think or feel unless you attribute thoughts and feelings to it.

You can free up your leadership energy by choosing NOT to fill the bowl with perceptions, emotions, prejudices, etc. Instead, you should leave it empty and focus on its appearance and its use for practical purposes.

Read more about The Empty Bowl Perspective in this excerpt from Stephen’s book The Personal Business Plan – A Blueprint for Running Your Life (Wiley 2013).

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CATCH OF THE DAY 🐟 – Miscellaneous


On April 12, 2018, The Personal Business Plan hosted a very special summit meeting in Danske Bank’s beautiful old dome hall in central Copenhagen:

“Where Big Brains Meet Big Hearts!”

The PURPOSE of the summit was to discuss a positive trend of commonality that we see emerging as a countermeasure to the current polarization.

More than 100 big brains with big hearts participated: a thrilling mix of CEOs, politicians, entrepreneurs, students, consultants, lawyers, neurologists, psychologists, strategists, philosophers, professors, and specialists in time, digitization, disruption, big data, organizations, communication, and behavioral design.

A common denominator for us all was a huge interest in our society and a will to impact the future to form a better society for us all.

First, 4 inspiring speakers set the scene under these headings

  • “The Archetypical Differences”
  • “The New Culture Concept”
  • “The Truth-Seeking Missile”
  • “The Movement from the Middle”

We then discussed




And last, we agreed that “It’s time to engage!”

It was an exciting and fulfilling day!

Here is the full story (the longer version) of what it was all about Where Big Brains Meet Big Hearts including some pictures.

Shortly, we will publish a short video about the summit.

Let us know if these thoughts resonate with you!! Don’t hold back. Please share.

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Once again, thanks for reading!

Warm regards,

Mette and Stephen Bruyant-Langer
Founders of The Personal Business Plan

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