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🎥 Video from Summit Meeting: Where Big Brains Meet Big Hearts!

We’re happy to share the highlights of our inspiring Summit Meeting WHERE BIG BRAINS MEET BIG HEARTS about Polarization and ‘The Movement from the Middle’, hosted by The Personal Business Plan on April 12, 2018, in Copenhagen, Denmark!

The summit was highly successful. This video highlights the best parts. Enjoy!

Our purpose with the summit was to unite people around the theme of combatting polarization by demonstrating leadership and responsibility emerging from the middle.

Participants were business leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, students, consultants, lawyers, neurologists, psychologists, strategists, philosophers, professors, and specialists in time, digitization, disruption, big data, organizations, communication, and behavioral design.

See more in our blog post Where Big Brains Meet Big Hearts!


By Mette Bruyant-Langer

Video by Kristian Skov

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