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What Life Phase Are You In?

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I remember when I went to school I always imagined that some of my most competent friends would make it big someday.

And now, when I occasionally meet them, the truth is obvious. Most people live average lives. That’s why it’s called average.

During my 20 years as a headhunter, I have had the privilege of interviewing thousands of individuals. This, together with intensive studying, has given me the following perspective on 12 life phases:

  • 0 – 5 years — Phase 1 — Strong desire to learn
  • 5 – 15 years — Phase 2 — Critical and rebellious
  • 15 – 20 years — Phase 3 — Strong need to build an identity and change the world
  • 20 -30 years — Phase 4 —  Need to settle down and search for maturity
  • 30 – 40 years — Phase 5 — Ego-driven and hell bent on success
  • 40 – 45 years — Phase 6 — Repeating success and building a more philosophical perspective
  • 45 – 50 years — Phase 7 — Trying to keep up with the 25-year-olds and needing to resettle down (mirrors phase 4)
  • 50 years — Phase 8 — The watershed
  • 50 – 60 years — Phase 9 — Strong need to reinvent yourself and re-establish an identity (mirrors phase 3)
  • 60 – 75 years — Phase 10 — Again critical and rebellious (mirrors phase 2)
  • 75 – 85 years — Phase 11 — Again a strong desire to learn (mirrors phase 1)
  • 85+ years — Phase 12 — Inhibitions lost. Don’t give a damn. Me, me, me.

Based on Rudolf Steiner and Paul Arden

Most people live average lives. That’s why it’s called average.

If you haven’t done so already, place yourself in the life phase corresponding to your age. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Then look ahead and prepare yourself for your future. Since you can recognize your present life phase, chances are that you will also live through the next phase. And the next.

So allow time in your daily life for reflection and restitution. There is nothing mystical about your future. It follows a pattern based on your biological age. And mentally you can prepare for it even if everything around you develops exponentially from a technological point of view. For instance, there is no reason to be afraid of the consequences of artificial intelligence. Your existential rooting defines your success independently of external events. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your questions – and I would recommend directing them towards your future.

My recommendation is to optimize those things that advance your happiness, drive energy and create growth while minimizing those things that create noise, distract from your priorities, and cause dysfunction. Don’t live an average life. Live an extraordinary life.

By Stephen Bruyant-Langer

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