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When You’ve Done Well, Then What?

I am often surprised by how privileged people are unable to see the bigger picture, focusing on nitty-gritty hygiene factors in their lives.

Most people I deal with in my consultative work have done well. By many standards they are successful. However, most still have existential doubts and unsolved dilemmas. Most of them still yearn for Freedom, Autonomy, and Independence (don’t we all?). And the greatest comfort comes with the words: “Know That You Are Not Alone”.

Memorable moments occur when people discover their Passion Project. When they become able to specify their personal purpose. When they can proudly define the value their unique competencies and experiences can provide to others. Very often gratitude is involved. Gratitude is a good attitude.

The Meaning of Life is to Find Your Gift. The Purpose of Life is to Give It Away.

Many times I have experienced that the Passion Project is the answer to the following question: What am I better at than anybody else? One banker, whom I worked with, stated her Passion Project as helping developing countries build their financial infrastructure. An architect dreamt about alleviating the negative consequences of depopulation in rural areas. And don’t despair if you can’t find such an overarching theme. There is and always will be a noble cause for you. Just think of the homeless, the refugees, the addicted or the mentally ill.

When you become able to align your purpose with your personality you become more energetic and more committed than ever before. It’s like a tsunami – it’s like an overwhelming feeling of inevitability. You take responsibility for your actions and you determine new ambitious success criteria for yourself. You can not help but do it. Very often integrity and authenticity come to play a larger role.

Pablo Picasso expressed this whole thinking in the following way: “The Meaning of Life is to Find Your Gift. The Purpose of Life is to Give It Away”. Don’t hold back – go do good! Find your gift and use it for the benefit of others. On a more philosophical note I find that this precisely exemplifies the inner logic of what we call The Welfare Society.

So when you’ve done well it’s time to do better! Reinvent yourself. Find new sources of inspiration and energy for the greater good of others. Your old ends become your new means. Use your accumulated resources in the form of intellect, experience and wealth to ensure the growth of others. Then you will have done really well.

By Stephen Bruyant-Langer

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